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Sun Trading PTY LTD is the Australian importer and distributor of Worldlawn and Encore power Equipment. 


Established in 2002 and headquartered in Jiangsu, China, Worldlawn is today firmly established as a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of quality, garden machinery to a diverse and demanding customer base worldwide.

All Worldlawn products are engineered to the highest international standards, at the company’s state of the art manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu, China. With a plant area of over 500,000 square metres, total manufacturing capacity at the Jiangsu plant exceeds 600,000 units. Incredibly, a World machine rolls off the production line every 50 seconds, during every hour of every working day.

In addition to a strong presence in China, Worldlawn exports to a growing number of international markets including Australasia, mainland Europe, North America.

 the Unitedom.

Worldlawn is owned and operated by the "World Plant-Protecting Machinery" company in Jiangsu China and has had a presence in the USA since 2004 and  purchased the Beatrice Nebraska based "Encore Power Equipment" manufacturing company in 2011. Encore power equipment has been a household name in the USA since 1988. In June 2016 Worldlawn purchased a 275,000 square foot facility in Nebraska once occupied by Husqvarna. This has allowed the company to expand its operations to meet increasing global demand for our quality products. Worldlawn now exports to all corners of the globe.


The Australian division of Worldlawn came in to its current form in late 2012. Previous years were mainly focused around the range of push mowers manufactured by Worldlawn until the emergence of the ZTR and WAM range you see today.

Whether it is for a commercial or residential application Worldlawn has the right product for the job. Our Australian Dealer network is dedicated to providing professional service and informative product assistance to the consumer and commercial market. We sell ideals as well as Outdoor Power Equipment and stand behind our philosophy, culture and company motto's. 

Our nationwide dealer network is experienced and equipped to deal with all of your Worldlawn enquiries and with fully stocked warehouses in NSW and QLD to backup our dealer network with seamless support.

We are committed to providing the Australia market place with the best quality products at an extremely competitive price today and long in to the future.


If you are familiar with Encore, a division of Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc., or if this is your first encounter with our premium line of commercial mowers, we are happy that you have taken the time to discover what our mowers can do for you.


Since 1988, Encore has served the mowing industry with a full line of high quality mowers that get the job done right the first time. With easier maintenance, precision blade alignment, and tough durability plus an industry leading warranty, Encore strengthens your hand and protects your investment.


In March of 2011, Encore was purchased by Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc. Worldlawn is focused on growing the Encore brand by continuing to build high quality mowers with heavy duty components, complimented by details that make routine maintenance much easier on machines that are priced right.